Gold Photo Tapestry

Volunteers needed for an art project in Toronto.


All are welcome! A small part of your body will be gold leafed and photographed for a giant photo tapestry. The photos will be printed and then sewn together along with gold and plexiglass into a giant mixed-media tapestry.

The photos are being taken in the Bloor/Lansdowne area of Toronto.
Please email or msg me for the location.

Dates: Wed, Feb.4th 4-8pm; Sunday, Feb.8th 1-4pm; Wed, Feb. 11th 12-4pm; Mon, Feb. 16th 4-8pm; Sun, Feb 22 12-4pm.

I will also be taking some appointments by email. If you’ve already contacted me, I’ll send you all the information shortly.

Thanks so much to all of you volunteering for this project. I’m so excited! And how often do you get to be gilded in gold?!



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