Queen East Map Love!

Obviously the saying if you want something done, give it to a busy person, doesn’t apply to updating your blog. Things have been crazy busy in mad stitcher land but I’m excited about the cool pieces I’ve been working on!

This guy is a 12″x12″ wrap around stitched wood map of Queen East I just finished.

I’m also working on a really cool 24″x24″ map of Bloor West, a super awesome 30″x40″ map of Roncesvalles (that I plan to stitch on recycled wood from a batch of old orange crates!!) and a 40″x15″ map of the Appalachian train that is going to rock!! Alongside of some other sweet projects!

Come say hello and check out some of the other cool stuff I’ve been stitching at the Junction Flea this Sunday and at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fest, July 5,6,7 at Nathan Philips Square.






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