Stitched Wood Map of Edmonton!

I recently had the pleasure of making a commission for the amazing Pocket Alchemy and she has awesomely posted pictures of it on her blog (yeah, yeah, I’ll get around to posting my own pics, but in the meantime I thought I’d share hers). The piece is a 4ft x 4ft map of her old stomping grounds in Edmonton stitched onto old pine boards. Check it out!

photo2photo (1)photo (2)It’s a bit of a tricky fellow to photograph but this give you an idea of what the finished work looks like.

Pocket Alchemy

I have been a pretty absent blogger of late as I’m in a perfect storm of selling and buying houses and readying to move in a few days, sick little boys who pee beds and vomit copiously, sewing and editing gigs galore, prepping for christmas, goodbye visits my amazing gaggle of Toronto friends and so on. The adventures are coming thick and fast, offering all sorts of fodder for brilliant blogginess, but alas, no time to sit and write. I’m keeping a list of good ideas for quieter days ahead … all that said, I should really not be blogging at this moment, but I simply must share this right now!

Von Esteban Map Art closeup

Today I picked up my first big-girl art. A real, alive, commissioned piece from the remarkable Casey Von Esteban. A friend of mine had a piece on her wall by Casey that I fell hard for. In mid…

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